Being a working modern artist in Los Angeles has many interpretations and incarnations. Here are a few of mine.

Paint, music, animation, sound, dimensional objects, photography, design: I am not bound by any single creative media, and often work in different disciplines to tell a good story. I use the term "fine art" liberally, helping to take down old world terms that are used to create exclusion. However, all of my work is hand crafted and what is not one of a kind, is most certainly limited.

Currently, I am working in oil on panel for the Broken Bank Note series. Subjects include, currency devaluation, art as perception of value, and how life is influenced by paper money.

The images on this page represent a small portion of the work I have created over the last two decades for clients in publishing, art programs for hospitality and various commercial communication efforts.

While my new work is solely focused on the Broken Bank Note series, this site is a repository of select past efforts, a place to interact with my Tone Poems, watch my latest videos or rediscover the blog that I left behind years ago.

If you used to follow @thetonepoem on Instagram or just discovered this part of my creative, click here for a selection of favorites.

If you used to read the words from the old days and want to discover what has changed, or watch the latest from conversations with Arthur Milano on YouTube and see new perspectives from me working in the studio or in the field click here.